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In order to use BlueJ, you first need to have Java 6, Java 7 or Java 8 (also known as JDK6/JDK7/JDK8) installed on your system. So, before downloading BlueJ, download and install Java Standard Edition Development Kit from here:

Download Java SE Development Kit 8

 Windows x86 (32-Bit) 151.71 MB  jdk-8u5-windows-i586.exe
 Windows x64 (64-Bit) 155.18 MB  jdk-8u5-windows-x64.exe

After installing the above Java Standard Edition Development Kit, download and install BlueJ from here:

Download BlueJ

BlueJ 3.1.1 7.5 MB  bluej-311.msi

Download BlueJ Combined Installer (includes JDK)

If you want to download and install JDK + BlueJ at one go, then download the below file:

BlueJ Combined Installer (includes JDK) 140 MB  bluej-bundled-311.msi


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