Monday , 18 January 2021

ISC Physics




  1. Sir, could you please tell us the cancelled portions for ISC physics in 2020 class 12?

  2. Please, can anyone tell me what to study in the X-rays chapter for ISC Physics 2018? According to the new syllabus half of the topic is not to be evaluated. What does that mean?? Please help

  3. ISC 2017 Physics practical.
    I got 0.029 as the value og potential gradient everyone else got 0.03 something.
    Is the answer wrong??

  4. Sir, I have made a mistake in ISC Physics practical exam 2016, in the calculation of resistivity by not converting mm into cm ( the other variable was in cm). So, my value was different. Will my marks be deducted? If yes, then how much?
    Also, is it true that if I can get above 60 out of 70 in theory, then the Council makes it 30/30 in practical?

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