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Practice Questions

This page will consist of Important practice/sample questions for ICSE and ISC Computer students, which we present to you in weekly Practice Questions format.

Every Sunday, we will be posting some practice questions, and students can reply to them as comments by filling the “Leave a Reply” section below the respective post.

Answers to these questions will be posted by Saturday or just before the next set of practice questions are posted.

These are helpful practice questions which will help the students of ICSE (Class 9-10) and ISC (Class 11-12) in their preparation for their Computer Application and Computer Science Exams respectively.




  1. Sir, I want to know the difference between checked exceptions and unchecked exceptions…also please give any advice for computer theory and practical 2015..

  2. What is the difference between ordinary compilation and java compilation.?

    • Ordinary Compilation Process:
      The source code is compiled/interpreted and translated into machine code, which is different for different platforms.
      Java Compilation Process:
      The source code is first compiled into byte code, which is exactly the same on every platform. This byte code is then converted into the equivalent machine code by the java interpreter.

  3. what is the difference between subscript value and subscripted variable

  4. Hi Sir/Ma’am
    I am really grateful to see such a website on internet.It greatly helps ICSE and ISC students.All the program solutions given on the website are given in quite lucid,vivid and easy to understand manner.All the programs are really important from Board point of view.
    Thanks to the creator of this amazing website.

  5. this is an awesome site for computer students… i wish i had known about this site much earlier,

    i could have been benefited much more….

  6. sir im very grateful for the help provided .I’m not good at  programing and this is part that i fear the most. Now as not ample amount of time is left what can be done about improving it.Im looking forward to yor help and guidance…


  7. Removing Duplicates of the String, The Program given will not execute and give the correct output. If the Input is for example jaaaaaaaaaaavavvvvvaaaaaaaa

    Output should be jav only

    • The program given in this website is for removing repeated characters by replacing the sequence of repeated characters by its single occurrence.
      So, jaaaaaaaaaaavavvvvvaaaaaaaa will give an output: javava

  8. I really wanna Thank You For Dis Website……Really Usefulll…..!!!!

  9. Hi Sir/Ma’am

    Just want to thank you for such wonderful programs .They are great . I passed out  in 2013 and got 90 in computers but will have to give the exam once again due to jee board cut-off .. I lost my notebook of program and was reall dissapointed until today when i found this site with amazing collection of programs . Thank you very much .. Keep updating 🙂

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