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ISC Important Programs

Solved Programs:


  1. very helpful…excellent job
    thankx a lot GFS!!!!

  2. Sir, Please provide the solution of this program (Q3 of ISC 2010). I urgently need it as 17th is my ISC Practical exam.

    Pleas help!

    • import java.util.*;
      class Word_Freq2010
          public static void main(String args[])
              Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
              System.out.print("Enter the number of sentences: ");
              int n=sc.nextInt();
              if(n<1 || n>4)
                  System.out.println("Invalid Entry");
                  System.out.print("Enter sentences: ");
                  String s = sc.nextLine();
                  int l = s.length();
                  char ch;
                  int count = 0;
                  /* Counting number of sentences entered by counting number of '.' and '?' */
                  for(int i=0; i<l; i++)
                      if(ch == '.' || ch == '?')
                          count ++;
                      System.out.println("Enter only "+n+" sentences.");
                      StringTokenizer str=new StringTokenizer(s, " ?.,!");
                      int c=str.countTokens(); // Counting number of words in the paragraph
                      String word[]=new String[c]; // Array for storing each word
                      int freq[]=new int[c]; // Array for storing the frequency of each word
                      /* Saving each words in an array and making their frequency 1 by default 
                         because each word is present atleast once */
                      for(int i=0; i<c; i++)
                          word[i] = str.nextToken();
                          freq[i] = 1;
                      /* Counting frequency of every word, and after that
                       * removing those words which are repeated by making them ""
                        for(int i=0; i<c; i++)
                            for(int j=i+1; j<c; j++)
                                    word[j] = "";
              /* Arranging the word and the frequency array in ascending order of their frequencies */
                       int t1 = 0;
                       String t2 = "";
                       for(int i=0; i<c-1; i++)
                           for(int j=i+1; j<c; j++)
                       /* Printing the result */
                       System.out.println("Total Number of Words = "+c);
                       for(int i=0; i<c; i++)
                           if(word[i].equals("")==false) // printing only those words which are not ""
  3. really helpful site…i m totally dependent on these important isc programs for my 12th boards…
    just want some more important programs as per new syllabus pattern 🙂

  4. Sir,how to solve evil number….plzz tell me..

  5. Sir,
    Can you please upload the way and detailed instructions to do programs on stack queue and dequeue

  6. Sir, Please provide the solution of ISC 2016 Computer Science Theory Specimen Paper Question no.1.
    I have tried it many times but still I am unable to solve it

  7. While doing program for queue, sometimes it is asked to initialize front and rear with 0. In such case how to proceed for pushing and popping elements in the queue??

  8. very helpful site …… exam was so easy thank u soo much

  9. It was really helpful….:) I visited this site fo the first time and i find it a great guide for students….Thank you so much…!!!
    But I have a query in programming…I want to know how can we print a number(double or triple digit) in words…for eg-
    119 as one hundred and nineteen and 29 as twenty would be really nice if i am answered….:)

  10. Richik Gangopadhyay

    sir can you please tell me how to initialize a character input using Scanner Class in bluej??

  11. sir, what is a copy constructor and how, where and when should i use it?

  12. this website is very helpful…

  13. what is type casting???today i was unable to answer this question in my exam

  14. Sir i would like to about the programs on anagrams.
    like if the input is TOP
    the output should be TOP, TPO, OPT, OTP, POT, PTO.
    kindly help.

  15. Sir, how to check whether a number is a lucky number.

  16. Prithviraj Sharma

    Can you show how to implement inheritence concept in java programs….thank you. 🙂

  17. Sir, i am in class 11,studying in Julien Day school and have my practicals tomorrow.
    Sir,is step marking given if the program doesn’t run(like in half yearly practicals,i got 70 out of 100 even the program dint run,typed program fast and answered all the viva questions).

  18. Aswumness at its peak!!
    Thanks a lot JFS… 😀

  19. You are a real genius! I m quite confident about my today’s practical exam and u have a big hand in my achievement. I will continue to be the follower of ur website n I m sure that it would help in my theory exam as well. Thanx once again!

  20. sir where encapsulation concpt is used

  21. What kinds of questions are asked in Viva? please tell as we have our parcticals tomorrow….

  22. Sir Please give me one complete  written algorithm for any string operation Bcoz I m confused for tomorrow’s practical………pls reply fast sir

  23. thank you sir

    this site rocks

  24. will the viva questions also include memory address calculations and conversion of infix to prefix and postfix? please reply asap.

  25. do we need to prepare recursion for tomorrow’s practical exam. please reply asap.

  26. Sir , please solve following program ,which I am unable to solve.The program is :
    Write a program in java to accept two date in dd/mm/yyyy format and display the number of days in between them.
    Example :–
    INPUT : DATE 1 — 02/05/2012
    DATE 2 — 06/06/2012

    INPUT : DATE 1 — 02/05/2012
    DATE 2 — 06/05/2012

    INPUT : DATE 1 — 02/12/2010
    DATE 2 — 06/01/2011

  27. Sir,what does trim() function do?

  28. Sir kindly let me know whether we can use Scanner class in place of String  tokenizer in our ISC Computer Practical Exam

  29. Sir need your help in two programs.

    1.Wap to input a date and print in dd/mm/yyyy format(Input:01011943 Output: 01/10/1943)

    2.Wap to input a number and calculate the date (Input: 01011943…Output:1,January,1943

  30. i need a program for creating a magic matrix, pls help!!

  31. Sir can I use util package in linked list programs?By using util package I think program’s length will be shortened.Please reply sir. Marks will be given or not if we use util package and do programs.

    • No, you cannot use the functions of LinkedList class from the java.util package.
      I know it makes linked lists program easier as you have pre-defined functions for various operations, but, that is not in your syllabus.

  32. Sir can u please tell how to search for an name in linked list?

    Can we use util package in linked list program?

  33. Sir,can u give me the java program for LUCKY NUMBER


    Removing every 2nd number:1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29

    Henceforth removing every third number: 1,3,7,9,13,15,19,21,2525,27…

    This process continues indefinitely by removing 4th and 5th numbers.




    Can i be helped? and how can i write the algorithm of a  program?

  34. Sir, can you explain how to store the outputs of a java program in a separate file and how to write the file and read the file? Sir, can you please write a program to explain how to display graphics along with the other output in a java program?

  35. Heyy, I’m loving this website! Its great! It’s helping me improvise  my Java skills! Thanks a lott!

  36. Sir from where Viva questions will be asked in the exams

  37. Sir please tell how to solve memory problems of ISC questions?(memory of an array)


  38. Sir please teach how to solve memory based questions in theory paper (step by step)


    for eg-

    A square matrix M[][] of size 10 is stored in memory with each element requiring 4 bytes of storage.
    If the base address at M[0][0] is 1840,determine the address at M[4][8] when the matrix is stored in Row Major Wise.

  39. Sir can you please upload some questions on Complexity and data structure?

    Thank you in advance sir

  40. I have problem in doing programs regarding the conversions from different bases like Decimal to Binary or Hexadecimal to Binary(all of them). I understand the conversions but when I apply them in the programs it always goes wrong.. Is there anything to help out with it?

  41. how can i enter a numbber and write it in a date format?

  42. sir, can you please post the answers for the isc sample paper

  43. Sir please upload some programming based on the concept of Inheritance

  44. Sir please do a program which I am unable to do

    Write a program to display fibonacci series upto n where n is inputted by user using recurssive method

    • You can see the solution here:

      Generating the Fibonacci Series (ISC 2005)

      class Recursion
      static BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
      int a,b,c,limit;
      void input()throws IOException
      System.out.print("Enter the limit : ");
      int fib(int n)
        return a;
      else if(n==2)
        return b;
        return (fib(n-1)+fib(n-2));
      void generate_fibseries()
      System.out.println("The Fibonacci Series is:");
      for(int i=1;i<=limit;i++)
      System.out.print(c+"  ");
      public static void main()throws IOException
         Recursion ob=new Recursion();

      Note: All the functions used here are what was given in the question (ISC 2005)

  45. 1.Write a program to print the factorial of a number.

    2. WAP to input  a number and calculate the date.

    3.WAP to input a date and print it in “dd/mm/yyyy” format

    4.WAP to design which takes binary as input and print it in any other number system,according to the user’s choice
    I would need the Algorithms also for my project and please tell me how can i write algorithms of my own.
    Is correction of programs done here? and does the teacher provide home tutions?

    • Sorry Sourav, but we don’t do homework or project works of students on their behalf. 🙂
      Regarding writing algorithms, we will soon be publishing an article on that.
      Yes, corrections of programs can be done here provided it meets certain conditions.
      No, the teacher does not provide home tuition.

  46. Write a Program in blue j which is equivalent to “CompareTo” function
    And if anyone who can teach me JAVA using Blue J from the base or from the beginning in Kolkata(near Kasba) please email me @ [email protected]

    • Hello Sourav, this is the program you requested:

      class compareTo
      int compare(String s1,String s2)
      char ch1,ch2;
      int l1=s1.length();
      int l2=s2.length();
      int min=Math.min(l1,l2);
      int val=0;
      for(int i=0;i<min;i++)
      return val;
      public static void main(String args[])throws IOException
          BufferedReader br =new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
          compareTo ob=new compareTo();
          System.out.print("Enter the First String: ");
          String s1=br.readLine();
          System.out.print("Enter the Second String: ");
          String s2=br.readLine();
          System.out.println("nResult of my compareTo function = "+res);
          System.out.println("Result of Original compareTo function = "+s1.compareTo(s2));


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