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ISC Resources and Notes


  1. It is a wonderful website providing all the resources for class 12 ISC student to score a centum. A hearty thanks to the site admin and others who run this site.

  2. Sir/Mam should we study all the programs based on linked lists and their algorithms for 12 ISC

  3. in an 2-D array saddle point is the no. smallest in its row and largest in its column. Can I get its program?

  4. thanks a lot sir for putting all ur efforts fr this site….sir this site has every single thing for 100% result in isc computer…sir there is a 2 mark ques based on definations from whole book…sir can u make a page for this too…or just can u tell the name of topics that we can study fr 2 mark defination…thanks in advance..

  5. please post some recursion based programs…and its explaination.

  6. A strong help for those facing problems in java..nice collection of programs.

  7. The website is really great, really helpful.

    Can you like explain K-Maps and stuff too? That’d be even more great.

    Thank you for all the help anyway.

  8. please post palindrome programs since practicals are in 2 days!!

  9. This site is amazingly helpful! I owe a lot to you guys. Thank you 🙂

  10. Sir/Madam,

    Please provide us with viva questions.Its a humble request since the board practical’s in 5 days!

  11. sir help me i am facing problem while doing the programs my base for java is weak

    i am in 12 class isc  my board exams are approaching  please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. this site is very helpful.

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