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ISC Previous Years Question Papers

In this section we will be providing you with the previous years question papers of ISC Computer Science which can be easily downloaded. We hope that the students will benefit from these resources.

ISC Computer Science Paper 1 (Theory)

ISC Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical)


  1. A big THUMBS UP to GFS for posting ISC chemistry and physics practical papers on their youtube channel.
    Literally ALL predictions were correct. My practical exams went extremely well and i am expecting full marks in both these practicals. THANK YOU GFS !!!

  2. Love you GFS ….. thanx a lot …..

  3. Thank you for every thing
    You all are helping us very much..

    Thank you so ook much

  4. First of all, I want to thank the whole Guide For School team for creating such an wonderful website for the high school students. We really get benefited from the resources and the materials provided here. Nearly all of my friends follow this site on a regular basis.

    I mainly practice Computer Programs from here. The important questions and previous year questions in Computer Science and their solutions are sufficient enough to score cent percent marks in both practical and theory papers. I have been following this site for nearly one year or so. During which I found this site extremely beneficial and helpful. There is much determination and dedication in the authors, which is evident as they are replying to each and every doubt comments/questions. Yesterday the site was inaccessible due to the huge traffic, since students from all over India were trying to access it.

    Today, I gave my final Computer Practical Exam (Paper 2) and it was nice. Out of the three questions, one question type was a repeated and another was a class 10 program. I wrote the program in my copy and typed the same in the computer and it ran in a single go. No Errors. There was no difference between the handwritten code and the typed code. I was the first to go out for VIVA. The external examiner asked me 6 questions while for others only 1/2 questions were asked. I gave all the answers correctly. I finished coding within 5 minutes and got the program and output printed.

    I am not boasting or something, I just wanted to point out the fact that if you go through this site thoroughly, you can also achieve this. I hope I will be able to secure cent percent marks in theory paper too. I would recommend Guide For School to the students anyday. Looking forward for a reply from the author.

    • Apurba, thank you for your kind gesture. We really wish that you score cent percent in your exams.
      Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.


  5. very helpful

  6. Sir,can you please also post the solutions of the isc board practicals including the latest board paper

  7. Very useful..!

  8. Can you please post the solution for ISC 2002 Practicals Question-2.?

  9. Can you please post how to find boundary elements along with their sum

    • if r & c are the number of rows and columns respectively, and i and j are the loop variables, then

      if (i==0||i==r-1||j==0||j==c-1)

      the above statement will check if the element in the matrix is a boundary element or not. You can then add the numbers according to your wish.

  10. Can u pls post last 10 years solved isc practical papers plss..pls post it as early as possible..plzzz

  11. Pls give the solution for 2011 and 2010 practical paper

  12. Java practicals  have always been painstaking for me but today i gave my best ever java practical.I studied my ass off practiced all problems in site multiple times it was fun
    Thank you for helping me
    ps:keep on posting nice stuffs
    Vaibhav Uniyal

  13. please post the solution isc 2007 computer science practical paper-question 1…. plz… plz…

    plz post it as early as possible…

  14. Can you please post the last ten years isc solved practical papers? Thank you in advance 🙂

  15. 2013 computer science theory paper needed?pls update if available

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