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ICSE Sample Papers

In this section we will be providing you with the Sample/Guess papers of ICSE Computer Applications which can be easily downloaded. We hope that the students will benefit from these resources.

To improve yourself and and to extract maximum benefit from these sample papers, choose a suitable time for yourself, and have 2 hours in your hand. Then try to solve  this paper in the time limit given at the head of the paper taking 15 minutes extra for reading the paper.

Any queries regarding answer to any of the questions can be posted as a comment.


  1. Thanks for your help; solving questions is good for practice

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have immensely benefited from your papers by solving them. I shall remain ever grateful , if you kindly upload the solutions as well.

  3. thank you soo much!!helped me a lot…still cant believe u do this all for free…

  4. Sir I have a doubt, where to use system.out.println and system.out.print?

    • If you want the next thing to be printed on the same line as the previous thing, then use System.out.print() otherwise use System.out.println()

    • system.out.println is used when we want to print different sentences in different lines but system.out.print prints all the sentences in the same line. “ln” changes the line

  5. Sir, I have a question.
    What are libraries?
    Can u plzzz tell the answer

  6. I have a problem in Q3(a) of Computer Applications [ICSE 2014] – Practice Paper 2.Can you please send the answer.

    Vansh Sodhi.


    • Here are the differences betweeen compareTo() and equals():
      1) equals() function checks whether two strings are equal or not in all respect, whereas, compareTo() function checks 2 strings alphabetically
      2) equals() function returns either a true or a false, whereas, compareTo() functions returns an integer number which is either equal to zero, or greater than zero or less than zero.

  7. please upload solutions as well if possible any1?

  8. Is this the possibility that these questions will be a part of the 2013 paper?

  9. This is the easiest program. Excellent. Thanks

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