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String Related Programs

[Question 9] ISC 2013 (Theory) Paper Solved

Design a class Exchange to accept a sentence and interchange the first alphabet with the last alphabet for each word in the sentence, with single letter word remaining unchanged. The words in the input sentence are separated by a single blank space and terminated by a full stop. Example: Input: It is a warm day. Output: tI si a marw yad

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ISC 2013 [Question 3] Practical Paper Solved

A Palindrome is a word that may be read the same way in either direction. Accept a sentence in UPPER CASE which is terminated by either ” . “, ” ? ” or ” ! “. Each word of the sentence is separated by a single blank space. Perform the following tasks: (a) Display the count of palindromic words in the sentence. (b) Display the Palindromic words in the sentence. Example of palindromic words: MADAM, ARORA, NOON Test your program with the sample data and some random data: INPUT : MOM AND DAD ARE COMING AT NOON. OUTPUT : MOM DAD NOON NUMBER OF PALINDROMIC WORDS : 3

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