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Sample Practice Paper Class 12

ISC Practice Paper [Computer Science (2013)]

This practice paper consists of 3 questions of 10 marks each. The timing for this paper is 45 minutes. You need to attempt all the given questions. The questions given in this paper basically covers the questions related to Output, completing a given program, Data structures, Recursion and Complexity.

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ISC Computer Science – Official Specimen Paper 2013

This is the official Sample Question Paper realesed by CISCE for ISC Computer Science, 2013. To improve yourself and and to extract maximum benefit from these sample papers, choose a suitable time for yourself, and have 3 hours in your hand. Then try to solve this paper in the time limit given at the head of the paper taking 15 minutes extra for reading the paper. Any queries regarding answer to any of the questions can be posted as a comment.

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