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ISC Important Notes

ISC Computer Science Marks Distribution Paper 1 and 2

For the benefit of the students preparing for their ISC 2013 Computer Science Examination, we bring to you the Marks Distribution Chart of both Paper 1 (Theory) and Paper 2 (Practical). This Marks Distribution Chart is divided into Parts and each part contains some sections as per the ISC Question pattern. In each section, there are topics from which the questions are normally set along with the number of marks they carry. This will help the students to have a better understanding of the whole Computer Science Paper and will help them prepare for their exams in the best possible manner.

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Sample Programs on Operations on Text Files for ISC Computer Science

Sample programming codes of the operations performed on a text file. These operations include: Creating and Writing to a Text File Reading and Displaying from a Text File Copying the records of a Text File into another Text File Deleting a record from a File Inserting a record into a File Deleting a file completely Renaming an old file to a new file name Editing/Replacing a record in a File Sorting the records stored in the file in alphabetical order Searching for a record in a file Merging 2 files into a single file

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