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Class 12

Sample Programs on Operations on Text Files for ISC Computer Science

Sample programming codes of the operations performed on a text file. These operations include: Creating and Writing to a Text File Reading and Displaying from a Text File Copying the records of a Text File into another Text File Deleting a record from a File Inserting a record into a File Deleting a file completely Renaming an old file to a new file name Editing/Replacing a record in a File Sorting the records stored in the file in alphabetical order Searching for a record in a file Merging 2 files into a single file

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Program to Check for Kaprekar Number

Program in Java (BlueJ) to input a number and check whether it is a Kaprekar number or not. A Kaprekar number is a number, whose square is found out and the sum of the left and right part of its square (divided from its middle part) is equal to the number itself.

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