Monday , 18 January 2021

ISC English

Important Suggestions from Council on Writing Answers in English Literature – ICSE | ISC

In this video we share with you some of the important guidelines and suggestions shared by the council CISCE for writing answers in your ICSE and ISC English Literature Exam. Council’s Suggestions Study the texts in detail. Avoid ready-made notes and summaries. Underline/ highlight relevant lines, passages, images, usage of words. Discuss, plot, theme, characterisation in the texts. Learn epithets …

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ISC 2019 English Literature Important Questions Passages Stories Poems Suggestions (English Paper 2)

Kindly watch the video : IMPORTANT SUGGESTIONS (PDF : THE TEMPEST SOME IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Ariel: What role does Ariel play in the Tempest? Comment on the significance of Ariel as a harpy. What were the magic/miracles that Ariel did on them (Alonso, Ferdinand, ….) after being ordered by Prospero? Miranda: Explain and illustrate the statement : “The character of …

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