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“Understanding computer was never easy” – this is what you will hear from most of the students who have had a hard time studying it. They find it to be difficult. This usually happens because of lack of proper teaching skills on the part of the teachers who seem to make this subject a burden for the students.

Actually, the fact is that, Computer Application/Science is such an interesting  subject that you will fall in love with it if you are taught this subject in the correct way and made passionate about it.

This is where we step in. This website has been setup for aiding school students who have taken up Computer as a subject and have JAVA as a language in their School Syllabus (Classes 9 to 12), and for guiding them in learning the JAVA programming language.

Making JAVA a fun to learn experience for the school students by striving  to build clear fundamentals of every concepts and helping students to develop their ability to reason and logically analyze any given programs.

UPDATE: We began with providing guidance on Java Programming for classes 9 to 12 and now we are into providing guidance on all the core subjects. We provide advice, study notes, sample papers for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 [ICSE | ISC | CBSE] on Java | Physics | Chemistry | Maths | English | C Programming | Accounts | Economics etc.

Important notes and programs along with their solutions are also provided for aiding the students who are preparing for their board examinations of Class 10 (ICSE) as well as Class 12 (ISC).

Weekly sample practice questions are also posted, so that students make maximum benefit.

Also, we will be posting Complete Sample Question Papers / Suggestions for upcoming board exams for both ICSE and ISC students.

Previous years ICSE and ISC question papers will also be uploaded soon.

If you have any question or want a program to be done, then you can contact us and we will try our best to answer you.

Note: We keep our notes and programs as simple as possible and provide explanations and working along with it, in order to help the students in understanding the program.

We don’t want you to just mug up any concept or program, but want you to understand it.

Important Disclaimer: The trademark “Java” belongs to Oracle, and we are in no way affiliated with Oracle or are marketing any services under their registered trademark. The term “Java” used in our website is descriptive, referring to the Java programming language.


  1. This is the most helpful site I got in the internet . This has helped me a lot with my programs and explains concepts better than in my school. I expect this site will carry on helping me. Only thing I would like to know is that how to ask questions in this site? Thank You… 🙂

  2. Hello sir….i got really surprised when first time i looked at this website. Finding such a brillaint material for both ICSE/ISC was a miracle. Since the day i have gone through this website, I have suggested my students to go on this website. Thanks for doing such a great work.

  3. It feels good to see that some teachers in today’s materialistic world are yet passionate to teach..
    I am an aspire to be a teacher like you!
    Brilliant work, and its fantastic to see that the website does not have any advertisements on it.
    I want to know how did you build this website? Are websites made using java?
    Wanting to know more about you..

  4. Thank you for being so humble and generous.its far the best ever website I have come are definitely great!hope u cross great miles

  5. Hey there! This is a great initiative you have taken here and hats off to you for devoting your time to spreading knowledge!

    I have mentioned your website on my blog here:

    Hope you check it out when you have the time. Good luck on your journey! 🙂

  6. Sir, r u not charging anything for all this help material. If not, then you are a real god in this materialistic world.

  7. This site is EPIC!
    Thanks a lot mysterious saviour.

  8. Hello Mihir, if you go thorugh the syllabus and the scope you will find File handling chapter is in the syllabus since last so many years – but we were not getting questions on this in ISC paper. And that is why in most of the schools teachers also ignored that chapter. But last year when 2 mrks question came in compulsory part everybody started complaining. And yes in this website File handling program is given – a full program to cater to all the tasks.

  9. Hey, i have never seen such a helpful website for students on blue j programs and other computer related concepts. There is a lot of hardwork in writing the programs and explaining the concepts in this website.But I think so that only one thing is missing which are file handling programs which were recently added to the ISC syllabus in which I need help.

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