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[Week 5] Important Practice Questions for ICSE

This week we have a few important question which covers the basic syllabus, for the ICSE students preparing for their 2014 Computer Applications  Examinations.

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You need to answer the given questions, and reply as comments by filling the “Leave a Reply” section below this post.

The correct answers will be posted next week.

Question 1. What is ‘String’? A class or a data-type or both. Give proper reasoning.

Question 2. When does Binary Search fail?

Question 3. What is ‘Blue J’?

Question 4. What are escape sequences?

Question 5. Name the class that invokes mathematical functions. Give an example of a mathematical function.

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  2. Q1 A string is a series of characters .It is both class as well as a data type because it is specially supported by java.
    Q5 math class. Ex :- math.pow, math.sqrt.

  3. Which book can be followed as a self study or a text book for class 10 icse

    • You can follow these books:
      1) Understanding Computer Applications Class 10 – Arya Publishing Company (APC)
      2) ICSE Question Bank In Computer Applications With Blue J Class 10 – Arya Publishing Company (APC)

  4. 1. A String is a series of characters. It is therefore both a class (consisting of one or more primitive data types) and being specially supported by java, is a predefined data type.

    2.  Binary searches fail when the array to be searched is not in ascending order.

    3. BlueJ is a graphic user interface based java programming platform.

    4. Escape sequences are a series of characters used to represent non graphic characters in String and char datatypes.

    5. java.math invokes mathematical functions. For example, math.sqrt finds the square root of the argument passed to it.

    PS. Which text book can I refer to apart from Total Computer Applications?


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