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ICSE Computer Applications [Sample Paper 6]

This is the 6th Sample/Guess Paper for ICSE Class 10, Computer Applications students appearing for their 2014 ICSE exams and above.

To improve yourself and and to extract maximum benefit from these sample papers, choose a suitable time for yourself, and have 2 hours in your hand. Then try to solve  this paper in the time limit given at the head of the paper taking 15 minutes extra for reading the paper.

Any queries regarding answer to any of the questions can be posted as a comment.

[Download ICSE Sample Paper – 06]

The moment you start solving these sample papers in the above described way, you will see a huge change in the way, you start preparing for your Computer Exams, and it will ultimately make you better and better.

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  1. Hi
    what’s the answer foe Q3. c) ii and and Q4. e)

  2. Sir,what is the java concept implemented by dividing a long set of instructions into smaller groups/module?

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