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Top 10 tips for students preparing for ICSE/ISC examinations

With the exams coming near, we know some of you out there might be having exam blues, and some of you might be shivering as to what will happen as nothing seems to work. Either you haven’t started your studies yet or you have been studying all this while but without effective result. If you are into any of the above mentioned situation, then you are reading the right article at the right time.

“How to prepare for Exams?” has always been a million dollar question for the students, but no more. Scoring in ICSE and ISC is no big deal. If you focus on some key aspects of preparing for your examination, then it won’t be difficult to score well. Even if you feel under-prepared, you can do a lot with the short time you have left. Below are top 10 tips for preparing for your exams and excelling in it. Follow them and see the result for yourself.

1) You know yourself better:

So, if you had been fooling around thinking that you have enough time for your preparation, then this is the time to stop. You have just few more days left for the exams. Forget about how much syllabus your friend X has completed, forget about the constant pestering of your friend Y with questions, and forget about how friend Z, who, like you has still not started his studies yet.

Forget about all these unnecessary stress because it is really important to believe in yourself, to be confident and to think positive.

Work on the points we have mentioned below for these few days till your exams get over, and then you will have ample time to fool around. But if you are reading this just a day before your exams, and till now you have been fooling around thinking to get hold of such top 10 tips and get a 90% by following them, then  no need to waste your time reading this dear. Carry on with your awesome work of fooling around, as none does that better than you.

2) Plan your study:

Proper Time Management and Planned study in such crucial stage is important. If you have less time, then don’t try and overdose your plan by trying to fit in every lessons of the subject. Don’t aim to finish all lessons of any particular subject somehow or the other. If you have 10 chapters, and only 8 of them would be possible to study properly, then do that.

Prepare a time table to be followed till your exams. List in it all the subjects along with the days and amount of time per day, you can give to some subjects in it. Like, If you cannot study for more than 4 hours a day, then break down that 4 hours into 2 subjects per day i.e. 2 hours each or 1.5 hour for one subject and 2.5 hours for the other, or whatever you feel like would be enough. Tough subjects can be given more time and easier ones less. So, if you have 10 subjects in all, and you divide the time as described above, then in 5 days you will be going through each subject once. That’s the minimum we can expect from you.

Don’t study for hours at a stretch. You need some time to relax. Divide your time to fit in some relaxation, as it is better to revise when you are feeling relaxed than to exhaust yourself studying all day! But don’t go overboard in relaxing. Maintain a balance.

3) Go Through Previous Years Papers:

After you have planned out a time table, take out the subject you are supposed to study today as per the time table and go through the previous year’s question papers (at least for the last five years) of that subject in order to analyze the portions of the subjects from where questions are most frequently set. Note these topics down on a paper. This will be really helpful in order to plan out your preparation for the subject. [Note: While going through the whole syllabus in correct order is important, you cannot neglect the fact that you don’t have much time as of now to do that.]

4) Mark Important Points:

After having noted down the frequently asked topics, open your text books or copy, and read through these topics at least once, but be sure to underline the important points you find in those topics, like some definitions, keywords etc.

5) Revision Charts:

This might seem strange, but believe me it definitely works. After reading through the topics once, and marking out the important keywords and points in it, draw out a char consisting of these important points or brief notes, and stick it on the wall, where you face more often while doing anything.

This process will help you to revise and remember important key points of the lesson well, whenever you see that wall. This will also serve as a quick revision guide for you just before the day of final examination.

6) Mind Mapping:

Try and mind map the chart which you just created. Look at a portion of the chart and try and rebuild it in your memory by closing your eyes. Believe me it can do wonders in improving your memory and power of retaining important points.

7) Avoid Cramming:

Cramming isn’t a good idea at all. Study less, but understand what you study. Cramming is one of your friends who ditches you in the exam hall. Additionally, cramming the night before your exams is proven to be ineffective, because you’re taking in so much information at once that it’s impossible to memorize it at all. In fact, you will hardly retain anything. Try the alternatives for cramming which are mentioned in points 2 onwards till point 6.

8) Practice by Writing:

This is a really effective method. After giving the allotted time to a subject in a day, close your book, and ask yourself questions relating to the lesson you just studied to see if you have remembered what you just studied. Then try and write down the answers to your questions on a paper without referring to a book. When you are unable to remember an important part of your question (after trying much), then open the book and go through it once, close the book again, and write it down again on your own.

Practice diagrams, derivations, and programs by writing it down from your memory, as much as you can.

9) Solve Sample Papers:

This is important in order to access your level of preparation. But, this proves beneficial only when you stick to few basic things. To improve yourself and to extract maximum benefit from these sample papers, choose a suitable time for yourself, and have the required time (i.e. the time within which you are allowed to complete the paper) in your hand. Then try to solve this paper in the time limit given at the head of the paper taking 15 minutes extra for reading the paper.

You can find some sample papers for Computer Applications (Class 10) here: ICSE Computer Application Sample Paper and for Computer Science (Class 12) here: ISC Computer Science Sample Paper

Never let these papers demoralize you if you find questions which you can’t answer. If there were topics which you were not prepared in, then go back and follow step 3 onwards.

10) Stick to the guidance of the Teacher:

While we would not suggest attending tuition at this time, but would definitely suggest you to stick to your school/private teacher’s guidance till the end. This is what is found missing in students nowadays. Once their syllabus is completed they don’t care about their teachers guidance. This is a mistake.

Be in contact with him/her on every issues of the subject you come across either via phone or e-mail or by going to his/her house if that is possible. Whenever you come across a topic hard to grasp, ask the concerned teachers. They will gladly help.

Additional points to be taken care of:

● Health is important, so don’t neglect foods and don’t compromise with your sleep [we are referring to the normal required sleep]. Avoid junk foods or any other such food which may keep you unfit. You should eat only as much as required. Try not to put stress on both your stomach AND your mind.

● Keep away from all undue personal stress. Keep away from phone calls and social networking sites.

● Remember, be positive, stay calm, and mobilize your energies to do the best job possible every day by trying your best to do justice with the plan you created for your exam preparation.

● Forget about cheating in the exams. The amount of time you give for planning and preparing your means of cheating are more than enough to actually prepare that lesson if you follow the above tips properly.

● After you are done with an exam, avoid doing its postmortem by discussing the answers with your friends. Doing this won’t increase your marks, but can demoralize you if what you wrote was incorrect, which in turn will affect the rest of your exams. As soon as one exam is over, move swiftly to focusing on the next one. Dwelling on an exam that you have completed wastes energy and time, and will drive you crazy.

We hope that the above mentioned tips will benefit students in many ways and will help them in scoring good marks in their examination. We would be gladly waiting for your feedback, as it can additionally boost up those students who are still in the shoes in which you were once before following these tips.

All the best for your exams!

We will be coming up with special tips for Computer Application (ICSE) students on the key lessons and important topics to focus on. Till then, take care.

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  25. Siddhant Panchmukh

    This is completely amazing, Good work on lighting up my mind, I have now determined to do well and I am mapping out a time table for my studies, The amount of pressure and expectations a person faces when they are in Grade 10 is so immense that I would always feel down and be unable to perform in the tests conducted in the tuitions. But not anymore! Thanks a lot for boosting my confidence. 🙂

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    • Hello Anoushka,

      Mathematics does not interest anyone and by default everyone is born weak in it. But it is one of the important subjects which everyone must go through.
      My suggestion would be that you take it as a subject and look for guidance from teachers who make learning Mathematics fun.

      And relax, everyone has gone through Mathematics blues and everyone has passed through it easily as well.

      My best wishes are with you.

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  34. Hello,
    Thank you for the wonderful tips. They really boost my confidence.
    I am studying in an ICSE board school. Though I am still in Class IX, the school has started teaching us Class X portions. Today, I wrote my Math exam (not public exam, just an annual term-end assessment). I am expecting 90% above. But, however hard I study, I can never get a centum in Math. Due to this, I feel really bad…
    What are your views on this?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Aparna,
      We are really glad that the tips helped you.
      Getting centum in Maths is easy. You just need to be perfect ! 🙂
      Well, you need to practice and stop thinking of getting a centum. This thought of getting a centum is what is preventing you. Believe me, getting a centum in ICSE is very easy, and it is not like the normal assessments which you have in your school.

      Just don’t give up. Practice to the best of your ability, and give us the happy news of getting a centum in your ICSE next year. 🙂

      Relax and prepare,

  35. Sir .
    I’m in class 10th and I can’t learnt definition but programs I learn quickly is there any simple definition we can write in board .

    • Yes, in computer, you don’t need to give exact definitions. The important keywords of the definition must be there. Rest you can frame it in a meaningful way. These are not like physics or chemistry laws which have to be exactly same as given in the text books.

  36. HI sir,
    This is Apoorva ,
    I find computer very tough now still now i was able to score more 80 in my exams but now i feel that i cannot score more in public exam.My confident is going down I have referred 10 year’s paper Give some points in which i can gain confidence please do reply me quickly and also suggest some important question I do request You to reply me fastly

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    • You get part marks in ISC. So you can expect part marks in your Mathematics paper in the questions you attempted. According to me, you should be able to get passing marks… Relax and focus on your remaining exams.

  39. Jithinraj Panicker

    dear sir/madam,

    I have received about 88% marks in the model exams. I Guess I have almost covered most subjectsby now .

    Is there any special advice that can be given at this time.Thank You .

    P.S. Please try to reply as soon as possible.


  40. Hello Sir/Ma’am,
    I’m Payal and I’m going to appear for the ICSE…… but the problem with me is that I get deviated quite quickly when I sit to study……I know it’s very foolish to say such things now….I’m studying quite seriously now and want to get above 90%….so can u please give me motivational tips for my problem???????

    Please reply as soon as possible….

    • Hello Payal,
      The problem you mentioned happens with most of the students. So you are not the only one facing it. If you have started serious studies now, then you can score good. Follow the last 10 years for the types of questions which usually come.

      Be serious with your studies now as you won’t get this time and chance again in your life. Make this phase of your life, a phase which you can look back and be satisfied with. Work hard and achieve your goals.


  41. Hello Sir/Ma’am,
    This is Sumedha..even though I know that it’s now too late to ask for a piece of advice but with immense hope I expect something beneficial from you..I somehow completed my syllabus before my pre-boards and scored just 60% in it and after that I thought that I have plenty time in my hand so I’ll manage studying afterwards..and somehow or the other..January went and I didn’t study as people in this crucial time do..the thing is that I’m studying from February onwards and seriously want to score atleast above 90% but I really don’t know that to wish such a thing now is possible or not because of my pre-boards’ if there’s still a way out for my wish to be fulfilled..can you suggest something??

    Will eagerly be waiting for a reply from your side as soon as possible.
    Thank You.

    • Hello Sumedha,

      Don’t lose hope. Your pre-boards percentage determines nothing. So keep that aside for now. From what you stated, it seems to me that you need to familiarize yourself with the type of questions and how to write their answers.

      As you stated that you have completed your syllabus, I would suggest you to use these remaining days to revise them as much as possible making use of last 10 years. Last 10 years questions will help you get an idea as to what are the types of questions you may expect.

      This is the only piece of advice I can give you. I hope you will score good.


  42. Sir/ma’am……I have one month in my hands……can you give me few tips how to utilize and study in this one month…….i have exactly one month!!!!please I need your guidelines now……I have to cover allmy subjects and iam together 90%  in my boards…but now,it  seems to be difficult ….please help me!!!

    • Hello Sumaiyah,

      I hope that you have completed your syllabus, and want to revise all your subjects in this one month.
      For quick revision, just read through the last 10 years. Then when you are unable to understand any particular concept of any chapter, then open the books of that subject and your notes and go through that concept from there.

      For computer, you can go through Frank ICSE Test Paper book. It contains important points from every chapter in the beginning.

      All the best.

  43. UjjayiniDeychowdhury

    Hello sir am Ujjayini,

    Sir am a student of class10,your above given tips are really useful but i want some tips for remembering history events,computer and chemistry.

    When i practice programs at home or in tution am able to do it but i get confused in examination centre and write the known things wrong.

    It happens for most of the subjects. I also want to know that whether text books and last 10 years are enough for getting 90% above.

    Please help.

    • Hello Ujjayini,
      Yes as of now, text books and last 10 years are enough for getting 90% above. Because you will use them for revision now because there is no time left for learning new things.
      Regarding your issue with writing wrong programs in examination center, then tray and practice the programs by writing them down on a paper. Group those programs together which have almost similar programming code with minor changes. Then practice them. Though this was needed to be done earlier, but still you can try this out.


  44. Sir, I am a student of Class X. I am currently depressed as I am not being able to provide proper attention to all my subjects.
    I am excellent in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I constantly fail in Social Studies and Computer and also struggle with Math nowadays.
    Please help if you can

  45. The above mentioned tips are fab! and the work doing is also great!

    Please keep up the good work because students like me really need your guidance.Sir/Ma’am

    its my earnest request to you to please publish some more ICSE CLASS X sample papers..

    will be highly obliged.

  46. Hello sir
    I am an ISC science student preparing for my boards.
    I had secured above 80% in my ICSE boards just by studying past 10 years question papers
    Therefore I have been solving question papers since the past two months for my ISC exams too
    Is this strategy enough to get me 80%and above in my 12th exams too, or should I also , equally study my text book thoroughly.?
    PS. Time is a factor and I am getting anxious
    Please help

    • Hello Angelina,

      I apologize for being late in replying as its exam time and there are many students posting there problems to us. We are trying to reply them as much as we can.
      There is a difference between ICSE and ISC. But as of now solving the last 10 years is a better option taking time into consideration. But do go through the important concepts of each chapter from your text-books.


  47. Sir,you motivated me in achieving my target to score 90 marks in boards but my main problem is that I’m not understanding how to prepare a timtable to complete all the 10 subjects of ICSE boards.There is only a month left for my pre-boards and 3 months for boards.Pls subgest a good timetable and reply as soon as possible.
    With regards,

  48. hello sir,

    I am an average student and i have got 70 % in my 9 th standard and wish to get above 90 % in the board exam pls help sir


    • Hello Mahima,
      Getting 70 in class 9 is completely normal. Just follow the tips mentioned above, and you can score above 90%. Just remember that it is you who know yourself better, so plan your life to success.

  49. Sir, i am a student of class 12th ISC Board and i am really very confused about how to secure good marks in boards and how to prepare smartly for it…. I am waiting eagerly for your reply….

    • Hello Ragini,
      Just relax, and make good use of these remaining months. Lessen your use of social networking websites and mobile phones.

      You can follow this plan (only recommended if you are in the final stages of exam blues):
      1. Go through the last 10 years question papers and first study those topics which are more frequent in the question papers, then the next and so on.
      2. Don’t lose hope if you are unable to follow time tables. Just make it a point to study and complete at least one chapter of every subject in a week.
      In this way you can complete atleast 3-4 chapters of every subjects a month.
      And if you follow this upto your boards, then you will have completed around 16 chapters before your boards of every subject. Now most of the subjects don’t have 16 chapters, so even if you are unable to keep up with this routine and lag in some subjects, then still you can get enough time to complete them.

      Hoping that you succeed in getting your desired subjects and making your parents proud.

  50. Hello sir i am stu of class.10 ICSE board…sir i wish to get score above 75% in bord exam …sir my mean problam is my lazy pan all time i wast my time today not tommwor .sir i am weak stu but i try to do my best …sir give me some more tips and one more thing you give me one good timetale for me …i weat for your message

    • Hello Inderjeet,
      Everyone of us is lazy till the time we realize that we have our exams knocking on our doorstep. Its high time that you realize this now. You can still score good.
      You can follow this plan (only recommended if you are in the final stages of exam blues):
      1. Go through the last 10 years question papers and first study those topics which are more frequent in the question papers, then the next and so on.
      2. Don’t lose hope if you are unable to follow time tables. Just make it a point to study and complete at least one chapter of every subject in a week.
      In this way you can complete atleast 3-4 chapters of every subjects a month.
      And if you follow this upto your boards, then you will have completed around 16 chapters before your boards of every subject. Now most of the subjects don’t have 16 chapters, so even if you are unable to keep up with this routine and lag in some subjects, then still you can get enough time to complete them.

      Follow this, and scoring 75% won’t be a big deal.

      Hoping that you succeed in getting your desired subjects and making your parents proud.

  51. hello sir i am icse student sir i wish to get more den 75% in my board and i have only 4 months left ….sir my mean probem is my lazy pan all time today not tommare i start my study i wast my time like this…iam filled in my confidence same time i hope this year i failed in icse sir iam vary weak student but i try to do best exam iread your all topic all are best more me… Sir you give have me some more tip i am wateing for your message

    • Hello Inderjeet,
      Everyone of us is lazy till the time we realize that we have our exams knocking on our doorstep. Its high time that you realize this now. You can still score good.
      You can follow this plan (only recommended if you are in the final stages of exam blues):
      1. Go through the last 10 years question papers and first study those topics which are more frequent in the question papers, then the next and so on.
      2. Don’t lose hope if you are unable to follow time tables. Just make it a point to study and complete at least one chapter of every subject in a week.
      In this way you can complete atleast 3-4 chapters of every subjects a month.
      And if you follow this upto your boards, then you will have completed around 16 chapters before your boards of every subject. Now most of the subjects don’t have 16 chapters, so even if you are unable to keep up with this routine and lag in some subjects, then still you can get enough time to complete them.

      Follow this, and scoring 75% won’t be a big deal.

      Hoping that you succeed in getting your desired subjects and making your parents proud.

  52. hello sir…..i have always been an average student . but in class ten icse examination  i  want to  score more than 95%. I found your tips very encouraging and want to follow it but i am very lazy to follow any routine  . and I easily get distracted by many things . i cannot concentrate on one topic for more than 15 to 20 minutes . almost in half an  hour i get bore with any subject  i m studying,either its maths or its english.i cannot study one subject for more than half  an hour.but i m  now very serious and really want to score more than 95% because I don’t want to take my future on parents are very supportive, they always encourage me and always say that i can do wonders and i don’t want to disappoint them .sir ….plz guide me…..i really need a help as there is only 3to4 months for examinations.

    • Hello Aditi,
      This is not abnormal. What you should do is that utilize that half hour to its maximum. And swap to a new subject after half an hour. Then return back to the previous one after half an hour.
      It is now high time that the distractions are put aside. Minimize your use of cellphones and social networking websites. Make the most of these 3-4 months.
      I have always found students with such qualities to excel with high marks. So, work hard. Make your parents proud. Make us proud. 🙂

  53. Sir i am an icse student who is gong to face the board exam-2014.hardly 4 months is been getting tensed.i want to score above 90% but i don’t know to approach the question.the above tips filled me with some confidence. but am very much worried about ENGLISH I.what composition…what letter………..what grammar… idea at all.i need your parents always encourage me.they are not at all worried about the result.but am afraid of the society. i had a lot of cousins and they all completed their icse exam in the last few years.and they scored 90%,94%,92%,89%, getting tensed.society is the problem……… me

    • Hello Priya,
      You can still score good if you manage your studies properly. Follow the tips. Regarding English grammar and composition, then practice from the workbooks, test papers etc. You will get a good idea as to which preposition to put where after having practiced these papers.
      Regarding letter, then try and be as realistic in your letters as possible. Get hold of some books which contain collection of letter – this will give you a good idea of the points and the structure which you should look into while writing any letter.
      The same goes for essays etc. Don’t try and mug up the essays or letters. Just write in what you think regarding the given topic.

      Regarding society being a problem, then know that they are there to open their mouths in each and every thing you do in life. Some will take it in a positive way while others will always speak negatively. Ask yourself whether you are giving exams to succeed or to silence the society. I know you must be thinking that it is always easy to speak such things, but believe me, we all have gone through this and these are nothing but undue pressure which silence themselves after a month or so after your results. What will matter is the knowledge you acquired even under these silly pressures.

      Even if you get an 89% (which is almost easily achievable if you start studying seriously from now on without these pressures), don’t regret. you have awesome parents who support you and encourage you like that. Study to make them proud.

      Don’t let the society rule you, just rule the society with your quality.


  54. Since there are only some months left [October, November, December and January] and I want to score 95% in X Boards. I Have not concluded February as I want to spend that month for revising. Please give me some tips to achieve my aim. It is very difficult for me to manage my time as i go 2 tutions in which my 2 hours are wasted then there is 6 hours school and 6 hours sleep and there is too much homework given to us that i can’t mange my time please give me some tips as soon as possible.

    • Hello Ayush,
      The problem you mentioned is faced by almost all the students of your age. The solution to this is to utilize your time after the tuition. You need to give yourself some time to study on your own. If you finish your tuition by 6pm, then try and manage your homework in such a way that you are done with it before 8pm, after which you can study depending upon when you sleep. If you sleep by 9pm, then you will have one hour or 45 minutes with you.

      Another suggestion would be to wake up 45 minutes before you normally wake up for your school, and utilize that time for your studies.

      If you are unable to implement the above suggestions, then the only suggestion would be to sacrifice a little of your television time (probably 30 minutes i.e. skipping almost a serial) and a little of your sleep (probably 30 minutes), this will leave you with an hour of self study daily.

      Work hard and relax.


  55. Really helpful information I will definitely keep in mind all the above suggestions now I’m preparing for my ISC.What I am afraid of is getting admission in any good college provided the cutoff marks 96 or more! I am a commerce student without maths.

  56. sir,i am in class 10 and i really want to score above 95% in my board exams . my problem is that i have no concentration and i dont know how to study computer subject – i am too weak in it …and i am not soo healthy and soo i feel i forget what i read (especially in history and civics)…sir plz give me some suggestion ….

    • Hello Spoorthi,
      Programming is just like problem solving which you have in Mathematics. You need to practice to improve and definitely you will need someone to guide you in them. Your guide can be your school teacher, tuition teacher, brother, sister, friend anyone who knows a particular concept of computer programming.
      You need to work harder. Don’t take undue tensions as it affects your health.

      Regarding forgetting what you are reading, then points 6, 7 and 8 mentioned above in the article is the solution to that.

      The key point is to remain focused in your aim, without taking too much of pressure.
      Also plan your studies properly. You know which is the best suited time for your study – a time whose lessons you are able to retain more compared to other times. It may be morning, evening or night. Keep the subjects like History and Civics at that time.

      Be a little more focused and a 90 above percentage will be nothing for you.

      Relax and Prepare.

  57. sir i was scoring very good marks before but now i am very much neglected before i was scoring above 93% but now it decreasd to 80%! plz suggest me somw ways to focus as i have only a few months left for icse board exams!!!!!

    • Hello Anwesha,
      Sorry for being late in replying to you due to my busy schedule.
      Anwesha, 80% is very good if you are scoring it in class 10 school exams where teachers never give you full marks even if your answer is 100% correct. But this is not the case with ICSE exams. You will surely get a 90% to 95 % in your ICSE exams. Don’t let this put you down.
      Also, don’t start neglecting your studies thinking that sir has praised me for getting 80%. 🙂 No. Let this be an encouragement to work even harder and stay focused. Just a few months remain from now.
      Relax and Prepare.

  58. I thank u very much sir for helping me with the ten tips,they really did work for me as i saw the result in my pre selection test.
    Still i have a problem in accomodating with my busy routine.
    I am having tutions for phy,chem and maths and due to this my whole week,except saturday and sunday, is wasted as i dont get time to study at home.
    i also need to do cardio exercise,as i am not a very heathy person,which is also time consuming.
    can u help me out with my problem.
    I will be very greatful if u help

    • Hello Aman,
      I am glad that the tips have helped you and appreciate your effort of taking out time to comment regarding your experience with the tips.
      I think you need to adjust your tuition for Physics, Chemistry and Maths in such a manner that you attend tuition for 2 subjects a day. I think this will leave you with an extra day or two for other subjects.
      If you are having any day with only Physics tuition in it or only Maths tuition or only chemistry tuition in it, then combine these tuition like Physics + Maths in a day or Maths + Chemistry in that day or something like that.
      Now, you need to talk to your tuition teachers for adjusting the timings accordingly.

      This should have been done at the beginning of the session. If you are not left with anytime to study for yourself (apart from tuition), then this will hamper your progress.

  59. sir , please reply

  60. sir,i am in class 12th and i want to score abocve 90% in boards, i have opted for PCM with computer stream and iam very weak in computer especially java programs, hardly 5-6 months are left for my boards and not even my basics are clear in computer ,please help me out .

    • Hello Utkarsh,
      Sorry for being late in replying to you due to my busy schedule.
      You need to be serious now Utkarsh in preparing for Computer as well. Get hold of some good computer teacher who would teach you the basic concepts of Java within these 5 months so that you are able to understand the programs.
      Also, get hold of these 2 books if possible:
      (1) Understanding Computer Science for Class 12
      APC Publication
      (2) Guided Computer Science Practical Programming Work book – Class 12
      DN Publications

  61. Sir, gud afternoon i am a student of class 12 and i am so much disturbed and frightened by hearing the student’s results of last year sir, i had scored 76% in class 10 and now i want to increase my % , so sir please help me out and students who were scoring 80% has declined their % like those who opted science and also many of them have failed also. So sir please help me out for getting 80% in 12 class. Thank you.

    • Hello Ayushi,
      The general trend which I have seen is that a student’s marks increases from what he/she scored in his/her class 10 exams.
      But, exceptions can happen always. So you don’t need to fear at all by seeing the results of your seniors. Getting an 80% in your class 12 boards exam is really easy if you stick to some basic points – the most important of it being not wasting your time in friendship gossips and too much usage of phone and social networking websites. The rest of the points are mentioned in this top ten tips list.

      Also, it might have happened that your seniors were not so concerned about their studies like you are. Just relax and prepare, giving time to every subject without neglecting any.

      Java For School

  62. gud evening sir …. I am sonam . I am of class 10 I am really worried of my studies . sometimes I fell difficult to understand some topics. i want to score above 85 in my boards. actually the fact is that i am too lazy. before going to the bed i decide to get up early at 4 am and study but i am unable to implement it. can u give me some tips about  how should i manage my schedule and work accordingly…

    • Good evening Sonam,
      This is natural. We all make commitments and fall short in fulfilling them, especially if it is related to study. While getting up at 4 am and studying is a good thing to do as there are less disturbances around, but remember that getting up at 4 am is not the key. The key lies in planning the hours which you have during the day.
      If you feel lazy while studying, then at that time when you feel lazy, just open the book and read through it without attempting to memorize any text. Just read through the text and mark those lines which you think look important.
      Then when at some appropriate time you feel like memorizing, then try and memorize the text which you underlined.

      And the most important point to remember is that, you know yourself better. So exploit yourself to the best of your ability in giving your best shot for the coming exams. Remember, this time will never come back.

      Use it for your success!

  63. sir…i am a student of std 10 ,ICSE board. i really wish to score above 90% in my board exams and there are only five-six months left for our exams to begin…i’m really much relieved after seeing these guidelines…the fact was that eventhough i study a little portion of my lessons as to score good marks in my school exams,i have not started preparing for my board exams…..i’m in a confusion regarding whether there is much time to cover up my lagged lessons……this really worries me and i need some guidance regarding this matter.will i be able to score above 90% in board exams if i start working from today onwards??

    • Hello Niranjani,

      You don’t need to panic at all. Start from today and be serious in studying by following proper guidelines and routine and you can then easily score above 90%.

      If you neglect to start studying from today, then know that you are doing nothing but playing with your future.

      Relax and Prepare.

  64. Hello sir, i am a class ten student and this term after some hardwork i have been able to score 90.2%. But I am not so satisfied with my result. I know i am witty enough to score in the higher nintees in my boards . Perhaps I have a huge bent towards sports and entertainment. So sir please suggest me something so that i can improve my grades

    • Hello Anuraag,

      While being knowledgeable about various fields like sports and entertainment is a good thing, you should know your priorities and should execute these priorities in their appropriate time.

      You can put sports and entertainment on hold for a while or even watch their repeat telecasts, but you cannot do the same for your boards exam which has already started knocking at your doors.

      So relax and prepare for your board exams.

  65. sir ur point are really good i will start to follow them from today but i have a hard time concentating even though my cell phone is off plz help

    • Hello Harsh,
      We really appreciate your determination. Everything takes time. You must have been an avid user of your cell phones. It will take some time to make you habituated to using it to the minimum during your exams preparation time.

      Don’t let these things bother you from your goal of achieving good marks in your exams.

  66. hello sir,

    I wish to score above 90% in my ICSE board examination,I want to know how to make a proper timetable to study so that i can complete maximum work and do well in all subjects,i have no problems with not being able to study but nor am i very intelligent  i,i am an average student,pls help me i need it…THANK YOU.


    • Hello Siddharth,
      We really appreciate your aim of scoring above 90%. But would also like to inform you that though being intelligent helps, but not being one is not at all a hindrance to becoming one. 🙂
      As said in the tips above, you know yourself better. So, the timetable you can prepare suiting your needs cannot be done in a better way by others. Prepare a timetable for yourself after going through point 2 of the above tips.
      You have an important weapon with you to succeed – Your will to study and excel. Use it to it’s best and success is going no where.

  67. nice guide,,,,,,,,,,………..

  68. Thank you so much for the tips given above its going to help a lot…. I m a isc student of class 12…n I have a aim of scoring above 90%…bt in monthly school exams I m not able to score more…and I doubt whether I would ne able to score more….definitely there is some problem with my study pattern,planning or presentation ….sir please help me with this.

    • Hello Rutvi,
      We really appreciate your aim of scoring above 90%. However, you should know that there is a vast amount of difference between the exams you face in your school and the one you face in the final boards. Not just the questions but also the checking of the answers differ. So, don’t bother about how much you are getting in your school exams. Prepare yourself to the best of your potential.
      Also focus on Point 3 of the above tips.

      Also, you touched upon a very important point, which is – Presentation. Presentation of answers play a big role in helping you score well in the exams. Always be specific to the answer and don’t write additional things in your answers which are irrelevant just to increase the size of the answer. Beating around the bush i.e. repeating the same point again and again won’t fetch you the same marks again and again.
      Try and improve on your handwriting also and also the spacing in your answers. Don’t cluster your answers to such a degree that the teachers would have to search for your answers in a jungle of words.
      Also go through the advice we gave to Shreya in the comment just above you.
      Hope that helps.

  69. sir i am a student of standard 10,icse board. i am very much encouraged by the tips which you have provided us with and want a little more help from you…. i really want to score above 95% in my boards this year but i  get disturbed my somethings which decreases my focus from studies though i know i shouldnt think about the things which may disturb my aim but i some how find my self there…plz give me some more tips so that i can fulfil my be very much grateful if you do so as soon as possible..thank you

    • Hello Shreya,
      Make your aim to give your best. If you do so then you might score even more than 95%. We know the various stress a student goes through physically and mentally. This is a time where you need to be wise – wise enough to choose your priorities in these 7-8 months which you have for your ICSE exams.
      I would like to tell you that ICSE exams are not tough. All they require is you to prepare smartly. Try and avoid that thing which is disturbing you.
      This is not the age to take undue tensions. Relax and prepare while enjoying the joys of your school life.
      You might find people around you pressuring you to get a 95% or your friends and colleagues making it their aim to get a 95%. Don’t let these mouthpieces disturb you. Try to work smartly towards your aim and you will achieve it.

      Don’t hesitate to write back to us if you need any more help. Take care.

  70. I am an isc student in class 12. I am preparing for iit jee in one year for which i have joined a one – year coaching. Also, i am preparing for National Institute of Design Entrance Examination, the NEED. I really need to know how much time do i need to really spend on ISC studies. My school is for 5.5 hrs, 5 days a week. IIT JEE coaching is for 4 days a week, 6 hrs per day and for self study i need 20 hours per week for IIT JEE.  For my NEED entrance i need atleast 6 – 8 hours per week. Can you tell me how much time should and can i spend on the ISC preparations?

    These tips were useful, but i really need to know this too.

    • Hello Leena, nice to hear you preparing for IIT Main and Advanced along with NEED. May you succeed in them both. While it is always good to prepare for the above exams and give time to them, your preparation for ISC exams should not be neglected either. ISC exams demand no more than 2 hours a day proper studying. Besides many of the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics portion of your ISC syllabus are being covered in your 6 hours a day IIT coaching.

      Allot these 2 hours per day for other subjects and to those from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in which you are weak. There is no need to panic if you are allotting 2-2.5 hours a day (which can be skipped a day or two) coupled with planned and proper study following the tips mentioned above.

      Hope to hear soon from you regarding your experience of following the tips and advice.

  71. aaj se he follow karna start

  72. badiya hai sir

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