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ISC 2019 Physics List of Important Topics and Suggestions

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The Page No mentioned are from “NOOTAN ISC PHYSICS CLASS XII” Seventeenth Edition 2018-2019

Topics Page No
Electric Field Due To A Dipole At End-On Position 15
Electric Field Due To A Dipole At Broad-On Position 15
Torque Due To A Dipole 17
Gauss Theorem With Proof 47
Electric Field – Infinite Line Of Charge 49
Electric Field – Plane Sheet Of Charge 50
Electric Field For Two Infinite Parallel Sheets Of Charge 51
Potential Due To A Point Charge 79
Potential at a Point on the axis of a dipole 81
Potential at a Point on the equatorial line of a dipole 82
Relation Between Electric Field And Electric Potential 83
Potential Energy Due To A Dipole 86
Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor 123
Parallel Combination Of Capacitors 125
Series Combination Of Capacitors 125
Energy Of A Capacitor 126
Expression Of Drift Velocity 176
Ohm’s Law Verification 179-180
Wheatstone Bridge – Null Condition 234
Potentiometer – Comparison Of EMF 237
Potentiometer – Internal Resistance Of A Primary Cell 237
Galvanometer To Ammeter 357
Galvanometer To Voltmeter 358
Lorentz Force Expression 293
Torque Of A Bar Magnet – Magnetic Moment 380
Components/Elements Of The Earth Magnetic Field 384
Relation µr  = 1 + Xm 405
Biot Savart Law 279
Biot Savart Law For Circular Conductor 283
Ampere’s Law – Infinite Long Conductor 281
Ampere’s Law – Circular Conductor 285
Solenoid 287
Toroid 288
Force Due To A Long Current Carrying Conductor 296-297
Expression Of Cyclotron Frequency 295
Torque Due To A Current Loop 353
Moving Coil Galvanometer 353-356
Faraday’s Law Proof – Motional EMF 423-424
Co-efficient of Self Inductance 426
Co-efficient of Mutual Inductance 429
Expression Of Alternating EMF 469
Irms and Erms 471
Expression Of Current In LR Circuit 476
Expression Of Current In CR Circuit 477
Average Power In An LCR Circuit 481
Refraction At Concave Surface 606
Refraction At Convex Surface 607
Lens Maker’s Formula 611
Combination Of Focal Length 617
Compound Microscope – Magnification And Ray Diagram 679-680
Simple Microscope – Magnification And Ray Diagram 677
Reflecting Telescope – Ray Diagram 683
Huygens Theorem – Reflection Of Light 709
Young’s Double Slit Experiment 725
Einstein’s Equation Of Photoelectric Effect 785
Bohr’s Postulate 846
Radius Of First Orbit In Hydrogen Atom 847
Energy equivalent of 1 u 888
Radioactive Decay Law And Half Life 903-904
Binding Energy Of A Nucleus 926
Graph Of Binding Energy Per Nucleon Versus Atomic Mass 928
Energy Released In Nuclear Fusion Of Light Nuclei 953
Half Wave Rectifier – Circuit Diagram With Working With Input-Output Graph 986
Full Wave Rectifier – Circuit Diagram With Working With Input-Output Graph 987
Circuit Diagram Of A Transistor In Common Emitter Mode 1008
Output Characteristics Of Graph Of A Transistor With Different Regions 1007

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