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Important Suggestions from Council on Writing Answers in English Literature – ICSE | ISC

In this video we share with you some of the important guidelines and suggestions shared by the council CISCE for writing answers in your ICSE and ISC English Literature Exam.

Council’s Suggestions

  • Study the texts in detail.
  • Avoid ready-made notes and summaries.
  • Underline/ highlight relevant lines, passages, images, usage of words.
  • Discuss, plot, theme, characterisation in the texts.
  • Learn epithets to describe a character.
  • Prepare analysis of all characters.
  • Practice substantiation of points.
  • Identify what the question requires and answer the question not around the question.
  • Do not write in a haphazard manner and do not write sketchy answers.
  • Discuss the central idea and the writer’s/poet’s purpose in the literary texts.
  • Learn to compare, contrast, analyse and make cross references.
  • Learn time management so that adequate attention is given to all the questions.
  • Identify important lines in the texts which can be quoted to enhance your answers.
  • Learn to maintain proper sequence when you are describing an incident or commenting on the development of the relationship between two characters.
  • Read the text in such a way that not only do you understand what the writer is trying to say, but you can also develop a point of view.
  • Try to present your answers properly with attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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