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ICSE 2019 English Literature Important Questions Passages Stories Poems Suggestions (English Paper 2)

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  • Antonio –

“I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano,
A stage where every man must play a part …”
(Act 1, Sc 1)

  • Antonio opening lines –

“In sooth I know not why I am
So sad. It wearies me, you say ….”
(Act 1, Sc 1)

  • Nerissa – Portia Conversation –

“Superfluidity comes sooner by
White hairs, but competency …. “
(Act 1, Sc 2)

  • Shylock –

“I will buy with you, sell with you, talk
With you, walk with you, and so … “
(Act 1, Sc 3)

  • Shylock –

“How like a fawning publican he looks!
I hate him for he is a Christian, But more ….”
(Act 1, Sc 3)

  • Shylock biblical allusion to Jacob in (Act 1, Sc 3)
  • Lancelot –

“It is a wise father that knows his own child”
(Act 2, Sc 2)

  • Gobbo deserts his master Shylock for Bassanio. (Act 2, Sc 2)
  • Shylock –

“If you prick us, do we not bleed ? If you
Tickle us, do we not laugh? If you …”
(Act 3, Sc 1)

  • Shylock –

“To bait fish withal. If it will feed nothing
else, it will feed my revenge ….”
(Act 3, Sc 1)

  • News of sinking of ship, “…. that a woman cry on the death of her third husband…” (Act 3, Sc 1)
  • Salanio –

“My daughters ! O my ducats ! O my daughter
fled with Christian …”
(Act 2, Sc 8)

  • Shylock –

“What if my house be troubled with a rat,
and I be pleased to give ten ….”
(Act 4, Sc 1)

  • Gratiano –

“Not on thy sole but on thy soul, harsh Jew”(Act 4, Sc 1)

  • Condition kept before Shylock for becoming Christian and to forgive him …. by Antonio (Act 4, Sc 1)
  • Lorenzo Speech –

“The man that hath no music in
himself, nor is not moved with concord….”
(Act 5, Sc 1)


  • A Horse And Two Goats
  • A Face in the Dark
  • Chief Seattle’s Speech
  • An Angel in Disguise
  • Hearts and Hands


Chief Seattle’s speech :

  • How did chief Seattle compare their god with white men god?
  • What reference does he give about his people and the white men people?
  • What chief Seattle wanted to explain through his speech… How he tried to convince his men?

Angel in Disguise :

  • Who is consider as angel in disguise…and why…?
  • Why the women was hated by everyone….? How people show sympathy to their children…..?
  • What bible reference was given by Joe Thompson to convince his wife?
  • Justify the title angel in disguise with clear reference?

Hearts and Hands :

  • In the story “Hearts and Hands” why does Mr. Easton seem embarrassed when he encounters Miss Fairchild?
  • How can you justify the story title hearts and hands?

For Other Stories:

  • Study the Title…. Critical appreciations and Theme


  • Bangle Sellers
  • After Blenheim
  • The Cold Within
  • Daffodils
  • Television

Extra :

  • Abou Ben Adhem


After Blenheim :

  • Why the narrator thinks it was a famous victory ?
  • How did the narrator begin to say about the war…..?

The Cold Within :

“They didn’t die from the cold without They died from the cold within.” – Explain

Daffodils :

  • Figures of speech / Poetic devices used in The Daffodils.
  • What can you say about the poetic nature of William Wordsworth…. Give reference and explain.
  • Daffodils is compared to ? Expalin the comparison in the poem.

For Other Poems:

  • Study the Title…. Critical Remarks and Theme

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