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Quick Advice/Suggestions for ISC Biology Practical 2017

According to the new marks distribution the Marks Breakdown is as follows:

  • Question 1 : 5 marks
  • Question 2 : 3 marks
  • Question 3 : 2 marks
  • Question 4 : 5 marks
  • Question 5 : Project work : 10 marks + Practical File : 5 marks

Question 1 : You will be asked to examine carefully the flower specimen D-41 & D-42 provided. See:

Question 2 : You will be asked to perform an experiment on a specimen D-43. See:

Question 3 : You will be asked to identify the specimen D-44 by cutting a transverse section of it. See:

Question 4 : You will be asked to identify the given specimen A to E. See: and

Practice the solution of ISC 2013 Biology Practical Paper and ISC 2015 Biology Practical Paper thoroughly.

I hope that the students will find this to be useful.

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