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Quick Advice/Suggestions for ISC Computer Science Practical 2017 and onwards

To begin, you may use the concept of recursion in solving practical programs, but it will be upto you to do so. There won’t be specifically mentioned that you have to do so.

The paper will consist of 3 questions out of which you have to do any one. You will be allotted 3 hours in all which will be divided into:

  • Planning session (where you write the programs in the answer sheet) – Maximum 90 minutes
  • Writing session (where you write and run the program on the computer) – Maximum 90 minutes

Marks Breakdown

  • Algorithm – 3 marks
  • Java Program – 5 marks
  • Documentation – 2 marks
  • Hard Copy (Printout) – 2 marks
  • Output – 5 marks
  • Viva-Voce – 3 marks
  • Practical File – Internal : 5 marks + Visiting Examiner : 5 marks

Types of programs to practice

(Given in order of the importance to be given while practicing, Examples are just to make you understand the type of question)

2-D array programs (http://www.guideforschool.com/category/array-related-programs/)


  1. Matrix Multiplication (See : http://www.guideforschool.com/1961139-java-program-to-multiply-two-matrices-matrix-multiplication/)
  2. Filling a 2-D array with any give type of numbers. (Example: Fill a n*n matrix with n*n Fibonacci numbers) (See : http://www.guideforschool.com/1705172-java-program-to-fill-a-2-d-array-with-prime-numbers/)
  3. Operations on every row or column (Example: Swapping rows or columns or finding maximum and minimum of every row)
  4. Different types of Matrix : Diagonal, Scalar, Upper Triangular, Lower Triangular (See: http://www.guideforschool.com/1964076-java-program-to-check-for-upper-triangular-matrix/)
  5. Finding maximum and minimum element
  6. Sorting (See: http://www.guideforschool.com/649498-how-to-sort-a-two-dimensional-2d-array/)
  7. Searching
  8. Operations on Diagonals of a 2-D array
  9. Operations on Border elements of a 2-D array (See : http://www.guideforschool.com/2469815-sorting-boundary-elements-of-a-matrix-and-finding-their-sum/ and http://www.guideforschool.com/1526935-java-program-to-print-boundary-elements/)

String programs which involve the use of String Tokenizer or split() concepts

Type 1 : Input a sentence and perform some operation on every word of the sentence

  1. convert each of its word into piglatin
  2. remove duplicate characters from every word separately
  3. find the reverse of every word
  4. replace any given word with another
  5. frequency of every word
  6. encode or decode words in circular fashion
  7. sorting the words alphabetically

How to solve?

Create a function which does the required operation with one word, then in the main() method, break the sentence into words, and send them to this function one by one to get your final result.

See: http://www.guideforschool.com/358-isc-2013-question-3-practical-paper-solved/
and http://www.guideforschool.com/1266790-program-to-replace-words-of-a-sentence-in-special-fashion/

Type 2 : Input a paragraph and perform some operation on every sentence of the paragraph

  1. perform some operation on even and odd numbered sentences separately
  2. sort the sentences on the basis of number of words

How to solve?

Create a function which does the required operation with one sentence, then in the main() method, break the paragraph into sentences, and send them to this function one by one to get your final result.

Range questions

(Example: Print all the Disarium numbers within ‘p’ and ‘q’ along with their frequency)

Similarly, any named number could be given and you will be told to print those numbers and their frequency within a given range.

Note: Don’t forget to check for valid range which are always given in the question like p<q etc.

 How to solve?

Create a function which checks whether a number is the desired number or not by returning a true or a false. Then in the main() method, write a loop which starts from the lower range and goes on till the upper range. Then one by one send the numbers to the function you created. If you get a true from there, then increase the frequency and print the number.

See: http://www.guideforschool.com/203266-java-program-to-check-for-unique-number/
and http://www.guideforschool.com/212-isc-2012-computer-science-practical-program-1-solved/

General programs:


  1. IMEI number (See : http://www.guideforschool.com/1528698-java-program-to-check-for-valid-imei-number/)
  2. Keith number (See : http://www.guideforschool.com/1084299-java-program-to-check-for-keith-number/)
  3. Fascinating number (See : http://www.guideforschool.com/2469088-java-program-to-check-for-fascinating-number/)
  4. Some operations related to time, like printing them in words. (See: http://www.guideforschool.com/553891-program-to-print-a-given-time-in-words-isc-practical-2003/)
  5. print the possible consecutive number combinations
  6. Number system conversion

Date related programs


  1. Validate a given date
  2. print the date in dd/mm/yyyy format
  3. difference of dates

Note: In every date related programs, do check whether the inputted date are valid or not.

See: http://www.guideforschool.com/category/date-related-programs/

How to write Algorithm

Read : http://www.guideforschool.com/1611744-advice-on-how-to-write-algorithm-in-isc-computer-practical/

Viva Questions

Viva-voce includes questions on the following aspects of the problem attempted by the student: the algorithm and implementation strategy, documentation, correctness, alternative algorithms or implementations. Questions should be confined largely to the problem the student has attempted.

Read : http://www.guideforschool.com/1465944-isc-computer-practical-viva-questions/

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