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Modifications in the Theory and Practical of Computer Science – effective from ISC Year 2016 Examination onwards

This is to inform all students of ISC that there has been a change in the marks distribution of ISC Computer Science Theory and Practical papers. With effect from ISC Examination Year 2016 onwards, Computer Science Paper 1 (Theory) will carry 70 marks and Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical) will carry 30 marks.

Download the sample paper of ISC Computer Science Paper 1 (Theory) and Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical) containing the modified marks distribution.

Computer Science Paper 1 (Theory) shall be of 3 hours duration and be divided into two parts:

Part I (20 marks): This part will consist of compulsory short answer questions, testing knowledge, application and skills relating to the entire syllabus.

Part II (50 marks): This part will be divided into three Sections, A, B and C. Candidates will be required to answer two questions out of three from Section A (each carrying 10 marks) and two questions out of three from Sections B (each carrying 10 marks) and two questions out of three from Section C (each carrying 5 marks). Therefore, a total of six questions are to be answered in Part II.

Computer Science Paper 2 (Practical) shall be of three hours duration will be evaluated internally by the school.

The paper shall consist of three programming problems from which a candidate has to attempt any one.

Marks (out of a total of 30) should be distributed as given below:

Continuous Evaluation : Candidates will be required to submit a work file containing the practical work related to programming assignments done during the year.
Programming assignments done throughout the year (Internal evaluation) – 10 marks

Terminal Evaluation : Solution to programming problem on the computer – 12 marks
(Marks should be given for choice of algorithm and implementation strategy, documentation, correct output on known inputs mentioned in the question paper, correct output for unknown inputs available only to the examiner.)

Viva-voce – 3 marks
(Viva-voce includes questions on the following aspects of the problem attempted by the student: the algorithm and implementation strategy, documentation, correctness, alternative algorithms or implementations. Questions should be confined largely to the problem the student has attempted).

Please note that the above change in the Theory and Practical components to 70 and 30 respectively, will come into effect from the ISC Examination Year 2016 onwards.

All concerned are requested to kindly take note of the modifications made in the above subjects. For further details, candidates are requested to contact their subject teachers.

Note: Modifications have been brought about in the Rubrics of the Theory and Practical components of the following subjects at the ISC level:

1. Computer Science
2. Physical Education
3. Fashion Designing
4. Music
(A) Indian Music (Hindustani)
(B) Indian Music (Carnatic)
(C) Western Music

From the Examination Year 2016 onwards, the Theory and Practical components of the above subjects will be changed from a 50-50 component to a 70-30 component respectively.

Official Notice :

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  1. we dont get recursion programs in isc practicals,do we?

  2. Sir can you pls tell whether inheritance, linked list, and operations on file programs come in isc practical or not????

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