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ISC 2014 Physics Practical Solution + Examiner’s Comments – From the Council

I am pleased to share with you all the solution of ISC 2014 Physics Practical (Paper 2) as provided by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

This booklet of 9 pages not only contains solution of ISC 2014 Physics Practical (Paper 2) but also contains comments from the council examiners under every question as to what the students wrote or missed to write in their answers. This makes this a very handy guide for students to understand what the council expects as answer from the students.

The solutions to every question is given under the heading “MARKING SCHEME” after every question.

[Download ISC 2014 Physics Practical – Solved Paper]

Along with these, there are suggestions for teachers provided under every question. Students should  use these suggestions as suggestions for themselves, and cover the points mentioned therein.

I hope that the students will find this to be useful.

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  1. Sir if my graph scales of both the axis is different. then to find the slope ,do we need to multiply the slope with the units of x and you? ???

    • No. You take any two random points on the best fit line, apart from the plotted points. The two selected points should be beyond the two extreme points. Mark those two points as (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) and find the slope using the formula : S = (y2 – y1)/(x2 – x1). Put proper units.

  2. great helppp….??

  3. Sir,suppose my last plotted point on the graph is on the edge of the graph paper such that there is no space left for me to extend the line in the graph paper. So should I leave the graph without extending or should I extend it beyond the graph paper domain?Please reply urgently . And if you have any links to any webpages where it is specified,please include that too.Thank You.Please reply Urgently.It will be of much help.

    • No you cannot extend the best fit line beyond the axis. You have to choose a proper scale so that everything is done within the domain of the graph paper covering more than 50% of it.

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