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Suggestions for ISC English Literature – Advice from the Council

Below mentioned are some of the important pieces of advice shared by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for students appearing for their ISC English Literature – Paper 2 examination. I hope the students find this beneficial.

Suggestions for students:

  1. Read the prescribed texts thoroughly and carefully with special attention to theme, mood characterization and plot development.
  2. Identify and if necessary, underline or mark important portions in the context of plot, theme, characterization, philosophy, authorial comment and so on.
  3. Do not depend on ready-made notes or answers – instead, try to develop an independent viewpoint.
  4. Practice writing long answer questions.
  5. Practice time management while writing your answers.
  6. Focus on central themes and ideas in the texts while writing your answers.
  7. Focus on important lines and conversations so that quotations can enhance your answers.
  8. Incidents must be learnt and remembered in the correct sequence.
  9. Learn to read questions carefully, paying special attention to key words.
  10. Read questions carefully so as to understand what is being asked. Answer all parts of the given question.
  11. Refrain from writing summaries for each answer.
  12. Substantiate the points written by you in your answers with close references to the text.
  13. While answering Question 1, give precise and to the point answers.
  14. Pay attention to language and try to avoid linguistic errors.
  15. Always substantiate observations made in your answers with quotations or references to the texts. Refer or quote extensively from the text to support your assessment or point of view.
  16. Avoid long rambling introductions in your answers.
  17. Try and answer the question asked and avoid giving generalized answers.

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