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ISC 2014 Computer Science Solution and Examiner’s Comments – From the Council

I am pleased to share with you all the solution of ISC 2014 Computer Science Paper 1 (Theory) as provided by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

Note : The solution to some of the programs provided by the council are comparatively difficult to the ones posted here on this website. So it is preferable that you use the solutions of the one’s posted on this website.

This booklet of 31 pages not only contains solution of ISC 2014 Computer Science Paper 1 (Theory) but also contains comments from the council examiners under every question as to what the students wrote or missed to write in their answers. This makes this a very handy guide for students to understand what the council expects as answer from the students.

The solutions to every question is given under the heading “MARKING SCHEME” after every question.

[Download ISC 2014 Computer Science – Solved Paper]

Along with these, there are suggestions for teachers provided under every question. Students should  use these suggestions as suggestions for themselves, and cover the points mentioned therein.

I hope that the students will find this to be useful.

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  1. Truth Table for 3 input XNOR, question 7 a) is incorrect

  2. Respected sir, I’m Aarya. In 2014 solved paper, in question 7 (a), if XNOR is really inverted XOR (which, as far as I know, is true), then XNOR produes high input, ie 1, whenever the input combination consists of even number of 1s. Sir, it’s given 0 instead of 1, and if it was truly 0, then truth table with 2-variable for XNOR gate would be the same as that of XOR gate, not inverted. So, I’m a bit confused…..If it is, in fact, 1, then the output would be given by 10010110, right? Sir, please could you tell me the correct one?

  3. thank you so much…..for this…its really very helpful!!

  4. Thank you for this, but I wanted to ask if something like this available for other subjects like english, phy, Chem nd maths as well(posted on the isc website or somewhere.) it would be really very helpful.

  5. Sir ..could u share marking scheme of isc 2013 as well ?

  6. Just one word *Thankyouuuu so much*

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