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Suggestions for ICSE Computer Applications – Advice from the Council

Below mentioned are few of the important piece of advice shared by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for students appearing for their ICSE Computer Applications examinations. I hope the students find this beneficial.

Suggestions for students:

  1. Computer Applications is a logic based subject like Mathematics and highly scoring in nature. It needs to be given time of self-study revision and practice at least 3 times a week for a duration of ½ an hour each day followed by a complete review of week’s work during the week end. Do not leave this subject to be studied on the eve of the examination.
  2. All exercises, general and Programming to be maintained in a register and revised during exam preparation.
  3. Syntax of each element of Java to be thoroughly studied.
  4. At the time of answering, every question must be read at least twice before answering.
  5. All programs must be written with suitable comments – whether in class or during exam.
  6. A good variable description containing a list of important variables used in the program along with their data types and purpose must be given at the end of every program.
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  1. Is it absolutely necessary for adding comments in the programs?

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