Computer Applications [ICSE 2014] – Practice Paper 1

This is the 1st Practice Paper for ICSE Class 10, Computer Applications students appearing for their 2014 ICSE exams and above.

The portion of the syllabus covered in this practice paper is:

(a) Object Oriented Programming (Concepts of Objects, Classes, important principles of OOP etc)
(b) Concept of Data Types and Tokens in Java
(c) General Programming and Decision Making in Java

Total Marks allotted is – 30 and Time allotted is – 90 minutes

[Download Practice Paper – 01]

To improve yourself and to extract maximum benefit from these sample papers, choose a suitable time for yourself, and have 90 minutes in your hand. Then try to solve  this paper in the time limit given at the head of the paper.

A teacher whose aim is to make Java a fun to learn experience for the school students by striving to build clear fundamentals of every concepts and helping students to develop their ability to reason and logically analyze any given programs.

6 thoughts on “Computer Applications [ICSE 2014] – Practice Paper 1

    1. Java For School Post author

      Hello Bhavya,
      You can write any of the following three attributes required for class declaration:
      1. Access Specifier (Example: private, public etc)
      2. Modifier (Example: final, static etc)
      3. Class Name

  1. iqra

    Hello sir/madam,

    can u pls answer this question. i just found it on one of ur sample papers.

    name the java keyword that is used for dynamic memory allocation to reference data type.


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